Employed Media: Conflicted Scribal and Prophetic Allegiances

"The message of the Hebrew Bible is that civilizations survive not by strength but by how they respond to the weak; not by wealth but by how they care for the poor; not by power but by their concern for the powerless. What renders a culture invulnerable is the compassion it shows for the vulnerable."... Continue Reading →

Change America Needs: A Life-Giving Movement

Elijah: Hello again, Everyone. Welcome to our third Early Church Father interview. In the first, we had the privilege of hearing from St. Basil the Great (329-379 AD). In the second, I talked with St. John Chrysostom (347-407 AD). And, now, in our third interview, I'm excited to be sitting down with St. Ambrose of Milan... Continue Reading →

The Myth of an Honorable Biblical Slavery

The Argument for Honorable Slavery For the majority of my life, I have attended "Bible-believing" (a compound word that has become synonymous with verbal plenary inspiration in certain Evangelical and Fundamentalist circles) churches and schools, so I am accustomed to many ways unsavory Bible passages are made more palatable as well as certain defenses of... Continue Reading →

An Invitation to Liberation

“If the wicked oppress the righteous, God takes the side of the oppressed. If the righteous oppress the wicked, God takes the side of the oppressed.” –Leviticus Rabbah 27:5 quoted in To Heal a Fractured World by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks "Announce to my people their rebellion, to the house of Jacob their sins. Yet day after... Continue Reading →

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