Divine Assistance: Scrooge, Marley and the Rich Man

Scrooge & Marley and the NT Rich Man Ebenezer Scrooge: The almost inhuman wretch whose life is marked by greed and cruelty, but who, in the end, is "saved" and transformed into a generous and kind soul. And while one ought to enjoy the fictive account of an evil man supernaturally being made new through... Continue Reading →

Employed Media: Conflicted Scribal and Prophetic Allegiances

"The message of the Hebrew Bible is that civilizations survive not by strength but by how they respond to the weak; not by wealth but by how they care for the poor; not by power but by their concern for the powerless. What renders a culture invulnerable is the compassion it shows for the vulnerable."... Continue Reading →

The Myth of an Honorable Biblical Slavery

The Argument for Honorable Slavery For the majority of my life, I have attended "Bible-believing" (a compound word that has become synonymous with verbal plenary inspiration in certain Evangelical and Fundamentalist circles) churches and schools, so I am accustomed to many ways unsavory Bible passages are made more palatable as well as certain defenses of... Continue Reading →

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